By Royal Appointment

Richmond Schmidt

Dear prospective student, to anyone considering attending the International Butler Academy, I gladly give all my encouragement and also offer my full endorsement without any kind of reservation. It is indeed the finest butler and household management school of its kind.

Attending the International Butler Academy was one of the wisest career decisions I have ever made. It provided me with training and experience equal to no other. Attending the Academy was not without financial and personal sacrifices but the chance I took on enrolling in the training program has more than paid off in the wonderful opportunities that now lie before me. I took a chance and invite anyone seeking success as a butler, household manager, or personal assistant to do the same.

I found all the instructors to be of superior character. They were ladies and gentlemen; professionals, exceptional educators, and mentors. Each instructor is keenly knowledgeable in his/her own field of expertise. They are men and women who have proven themselves to be superiors in domestic service. They are all well educated, highly experienced, and highly respected by all who know them. My life is richer for having met them.

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The other students I met at the Academy became immediate friends.  We have formed life-long relationships that will grow with our promising careers. We laughed, studied, ate, and grew as individuals together. I was amazed at the diverse backgrounds and the impressive caliber of all the other students. We learned from each other and became team players in each other's success.

After graduating from the Academy I was granted an internship opportunity that furthered my education. The internship has secured me a bright and happy future as a butler. Through the internship, I was able to gain experience in the wonderful world of private service. With the assistance of the Academy, I was then placed as a butler at a wonderful estate. I work closely under the direction of an estate manager who guided my internship with success. She was herself a student of the Academy. I learned not only from her but from the many other professional employees at this very prestigious estate.

Anyone seeking quality training, gainful employment, and lasting professional relationships would do well to explore the benefits of attending The International Butler Academy in The Netherlands.

Sincerely, Richmond L. Schmidt - USA
Graduate of The International Butler Academy - November 2003

By Royal Appointment