By Royal Appointment

Franz Josef Huber

Franz Josef (pictured left) is from Switzerland.
He graduated November 2013

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Dear prospective student,

So you are searching for the right school for your education, and of course you are reading these pages here, and perhaps have seen some videos of the The International Butler Academy. You ask yourself what kind of a school is so strict and has such unusual teaching methods. Let me tell you where I come from and what has brought me to this school.

I am 48 years young and have worked my whole life in the hospitality field. I have always enjoyed serving others and making my guests happy. The last 12 years I have worked for a private family as a chef. Many times I was also the butler in this house, something I truly enjoyed. My employers were older people who lived very active lives, with children and grandchildren.

Unfortunately, due to old age, my boss and his wife died recently, leaving me very sad. I questioned if I was in the right profession. I then decided that I want to be professionally trained at a real butler school. I knew that even with 12 years of experience I still had much to learn. It became a quest to find the very best school of its kind.

I did my research. I heard from others about The International Butler Academy (TIBA) and that it was considered the best in the world. I also learned that the training was tough and intensive, that days would be long and that it could be exhausting. There were also other schools to consider and that TIBA was not cheap. In the end TIBA was my first and only choice.

When I arrived at the school in September, 2013, I was very confused and asked myself if this really is the right school for me. The first two weeks I was very scared about the tasks and requirements. My English skills were not great and that worried me also.

I then decided to simply be myself, and to show what a human being I am and what I could pass on from my own life. The school's head butler, as well as the trainers and the Chairman believed in me and in the other students. Their support became very important. After the first two weeks I started understanding the reasons behind the training methods and the strict way of how things are done. I started enjoying the many drills, the fabulous dinners we served, and everything else we did. I enjoyed every single day at school.

I was able to open up and express myself properly. Our head butler and the trainers encouraged us tremendously and brought out the best in us. To work and study at such a high professional level is simply fantastic. I realized with time the incredible love and pride the TIBA people have for this profession. I learned that your own behavior and attitude, and how you give yourself to others is absolutely important, not just in private service, but in life.

The incredible devotion of my fellow students to the school and to the team was very impressive. In the end I found true friends for life and learned to be a professional butler. I left TIBA feeling nothing but deep gratitude. I thank the school and everyone involved with all my heart. I envy future students, knowing that they will be going on a journey of a lifetime. Should you have any doubts, I suggest that you visit the school of your choice. In the case of The International Butler Academy not only will you not be disappointed, the visit will simply inspire you.

Franz Josef Huber - Switzerland
Graduate of The International Butler Academy
November 2013

By Royal Appointment