Graduates of The International Butler Academy

The International Butler Academy (TIBA) is a unique, exclusive and professional butling, house management and hospitality school. We are proud to be the finest and most innovative butler service training institute in the world, second to none. We are equally proud that some of the world's wealthiest families, international businesses, as well as five-star hotels, resorts, private clubs, and cruise lines, turn to us for staff training, for staff recruitment as well as for our highly specialized consulting services.

Robert Wennekes - CEO and Chairman of The International Butler Academy

A true household

The personalities, challenges and situations we have created for you at The International Butler Academy will allow you to study and learn, while experiencing a true and wealthy household. In this respect it can hardly be called a school. In fact, from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave, you will be a real working butler, in a real household, in a real castle. This is why 95% of our students graduate successfully and 85% end up in rewarding positions, somewhere in the world. More importantly however is that 75% of these graduates are still employed in the same job one year after their recruitment. Attending our professional training program is truly a life-changing experience.

 Catherine Turmes from Luxembourg - Graduate of The International Butler Academy

What does it mean to join The International Butler Academy?

As a graduate of The International Butler Academy you are its Ambassador, and act and serve with pride and professionalism. At The International Butler Academy you will learn to keep up with the demands of running a modern and busy household, with confidence, grace and style. Our intensive eight-week training program will provide you with all the skills and qualifications you need to get you started in this exciting profession. Our professional teaching standards and outstanding, highly experienced instructors make The International Butler Academy the crown of all butling, house management and hospitality training.

Who are our students?

As you can see from the many photos on our web site, our students come from all over the globe. Approximately 25 percent of our students are female. The youngest student to date was 18 years of age. The oldest student to date was 68 years of age. We placed this student with a hotel in New York. Butling is one profession where age is truly not important. Backgrounds of students differ enormously. Successful graduates, now working in superb positions, include a dermatologist, a carpenter, a private banker, a hotel director, a taxi driver and a lawyer. A number of students come from the hospitality industry. Make no mistake, success is not a guarantee. Success requires motivation, dedication, devotion and the ability to combine energy, passion and commitment. You must be willing to put another person's wishes before your own, and do so with a genuine wish to be of service.

Graduates of the September - November 2013 training program - The International Butler Academy What is required to join The International Butler Academy?

Except for a working knowledge of English, and a minimum age of 18, no previous education or training or experience is required. You do not require a background in service. Gender is not important either. What is very important however, is a strong service-oriented attitude, personality and character. Study our web site and understand why so many before you decided on The International Butler Academy.

Students of The International Butler Academy

Join The International Butler Academy

Apply now and assure yourself a place in our institution. E-mail us your Resume (CV) plus a current photo and indicate which eight-week training program you wish to attend. Our students come from all over the world and our graduates form a large and important network. By joining The International Butler Academy you will become part of this network that includes The International Guild of Professional Butlers and many placement agencies around the world.

Johanna Wild from Germany - Graduate of The International Butler Academy

Clients wishing to employ a butler or other private staff

The International Butler Academy will be pleased to assist employers with their recruiting needs. We have developed a very straightforward selection process for both the employer and employee to ensure a mutually successful placement. We will consult with employers about their domestic needs in a professional and thorough way, and work with them to find them the perfect staff member. Please review the placement agency page and information for further details.

Wouter Bagin from Belgium - Graduate of The International Butler Academy

Our mission statement

The International Butler Academy educates, prepares and coaches dedicated individuals in order to become professionals in the True Art of Service and house management. The International Butler Academy provides its graduates with the best possible qualifications for entering the butling and private service profession. We offer superb training that provides an introduction into a career which should last a lifetime. The International Butler Academy turns out skilled professionals who meet and exceed the demands of the modern international household. Our graduates can be, and are employed by discerning employers anywhere in the world. By combining traditional skills and knowledge with cutting-edge technology and training, we bring the traditional art of butling into the 21st century.

Our web site

Christian Leo Miza from Rumania and Arceli Rivero from Belize - Graduates of The International Butler Academy

Our web site reflects the rather conservative approach to our philosophy and training methods. It is not flashy, nor is it glamorous. It is geared towards providing first class, complete, true, always updated and to the point information. All photos on our web site are of our own students, and of our own school. Everything is real, with nothing borrowed from other web sites. In case your computer is not Java enabled and you do not see the Menu at the top of this page then please click here for a web site map. You may contact us via this e-mail address. Thank you for visiting our web site.

Koen de Meester from Belgium - Graduate of The International Butler Academy

The TIBA pledge

You wish to know what our students, our school, and our faculty are all about? The pledge below will give you a good impression of our norms and values. Everyone at The International Butler Academy is required to sign off on this pledge. The TIBA pledge is the result of some hard work by students and faculty. It represents the soul and spirit of The International Butler Academy.

"I pledge to respect and adhere to the philosophy, rules and principles of The International Butler Academy and the norms and values it represents. I take full responsibility for my actions, attitude and performance at all times. By my professional and reasoned conduct, and through my energy, passion and commitment, I will embody the highest standards of service, loyalty, trust, discretion and excellence. I will establish and maintain my personal accountability and integrity through honest achievement and commitment to my vocation. My attitude is shown in my behavior and my behavior shows my character. My character is my destiny."


To employers - It has been found in that certain agencies worldwide have sent so-called butlers to clients saying they have been trained by The International Butler Academy, when in fact they have not. Employers should ask to see our Diploma and to contact us for verification. To prospective students - May we suggest to carefully check-out so-called hospitality and butler schools, including ours, before parting with your fee.