Colin Bryan from Australia - Graduate of The International Butler Academy

The International Butler Academy is pleased to provide its students with a free, high quality butler uniform, including white shirts, cufflinks, white gloves, a butler's tie and more. We find it important to provide our students with a high quality butler uniform because this uniform is an integral part of the training. Normally, a butler will wear the traditional uniform only for special occasions.

Natasha Milokhova from Russia - Graduate of The International Butler Academy

The butler uniform

A high quality butler uniform is not found easily and is quite expensive. Our students appreciate the fact that they receive a free butler uniform from our school. When working in private service, the butler uniform is worn only on special occasions. In our specific case the uniform is an important training tool. Students receive many more gifts from the school, such as the pilot briefcase pictured below. Check the tuition fee page for more details. Our students wear their butler uniform with incredible pride. We are pleased to give our students a beautiful butler uniform.

Arceli Rivero from Belize - Graduate of The International Butler Academy - with the Pilot Briefcase

Much of the training is hands-on and includes role playing sessions. There are many formal and informal events our students are part of including, but not limited to formal dinners and lunches, weddings, receptions, teas and more.

Throughout the year, The International Butler Academy receives requests to participate in a number of events. Some events students participate in are truly unique. We are also pleased to give our support to a number of charitable organizations at their fundraising events. At all these events, our students wear their butler uniforms with enormous pride.

Not for sale

Our butler uniforms are not for sale. We know the student's measurements before he or she arrives so the uniforms are prepared in advance. Then, one the student arrives, the uniform receives a final tailoring to fit. At the end of week one of the course, the students receive their tailored uniform. This procedure can obviously not be copied for non-students and this is why we do not sell the uniform to the general public.